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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Well I'm back. I used to write quite prodigiously on this little blog. I also used to have a fair few readers. But since I quit, due to pretty much having covered all there was of any interest(I have no interest in what is considered "current affairs nowdays), my readers to have sought reading material elsewhere.

Maybe they'll return...

So anyway, I'm back. And the world has moved on since the last time I wrote with any regularity.

Why I have returned to my little blog is because I was censored by some wanker on Facebook.
I won't be censored. By anyone; least of all some pink haired, nose studded, Doc Marten wearing feminist with a kid named Vagina or purple rose or some other trendy affection.
Why I was censored I am still waiting to hear. I invited such a snowflake to come onto FB to debate said reason with me but the princess hasn't yet accepted my invitation.
Dictators rarely do actually.
So I've decided, fuck them, and will voice my concerns about life in general here, where I'm NOT censored. It's a slippery slope, censorship.
Particularly as in this case, Facebook it would appear, provides a playform for terrorists to ply their heinous trade scot free without censorship.
My crime, according to the minorities at FB, was to rather vehemently object to Irish terrorism. The snowflakes in their 20s I'd suggest, haven't the faintest fucking idea what horrors were visited upon the people of Northern Ireland; indeed, I'd further suggest they barely know where the fuck the little province is.
Yet they dare censor me.
This reeks of a dictatorship.
And I won't have it.
Absolutely not. Not ever.

So here I am. Home, you might say. In a place where the truth can be heard. Sans political correctness or rose coloured glasses.
The truth and nothing but the truth - warts and all.
How it should be.

Friday, January 13, 2017


I'm a racist. Apparently. And a xenophobe too. Again apparently. All due to my voicing, vociferously and with no shortage of profanity, admittedly, my outrage at the acts of certain cultures in our global society.

So, whilst not being n anthropologist of any kind they would tell me, the following is true and accurate of the human race.

As far as having tow eyes, two ears etc, sharing the same 5 senses, yes, we are alike, identical even. Being, in point of fact of the same species of animal. But that's where the similarity ends. In a social sense, our differences become more apparent.

We are not, in fact, "all the same". We are clearly in different stages of evolution. This isn't about colour, as some ("some" being those too afraid and therefore without argument) would have you believe. No, this is about culture. How a society behaves.

There are essentially 3 groups of "peoples" in the world, and this has been the case forever, basically.
The Celts/Anglo Saxons/Germanics (The West)
The Roman Catholics (The West)

The Muslims (The Middle East)

The Asians (The Far East)

Two of the above three groups of people behave in a way towards animals that is an anathema to all good and decent people ( people of the West. Educated and civilised).
Our (The West) forbears, many centuries ago, had to kill our prey in much the same way, though I might add, that even our early ancestors didn't skin and boil alive their prey. The y would have perhaps boiled it. Certainly cooked it over a fire at least, but I would fairly assume they killed the animal first, quickly and without taking any kind of unnecessary pleasure from it.
This would have been perhaps 2000 years ago.
This. Today. Is not 2000 years ago, however.

We, (The West) do not do that anymore. We have moved on from such acts of savagery and barbarity. We, as the apex predator, with no enemies but ourselves, have a duty to use our comparably supreme intellect for good, not evil. Our duty is to be benign rulers over all; to protect those who can't protect themselves. This isn't some greenie, wishywashy, tree-hugging thing here. Save the planet and all that nonsense, but more about the prevention of heinous acts. unnecessary and bloodthirtsy acts.
The West isn't perfect. We have our own share of psychos and pure evil. Of course. But we have exported a way to the world of behaving in a civilised fashion. A recent documentary I watched about the British Empire, closed the doco with words to the effect, "showed the world how it should be done". The doco, which had "celebrities" - I don't care for that word...- giving their input, also admitted that at times, the methods used were somewhat brutal, but that the end justified the means. And when one looks at the "end", the evolution, exportation of civilisation, then yes, I think even the most jaded anti West person would have to admit that it has been worth it.
Essentially, the first world, was exported from Britain. Like it or not, this is a fact.
And part of what we exported, to get back to the point after my slight digression, was the humane treatment of animals. Interesting point actually, refrigeration was invented by a British captain who needed to find a way to transport cattle and sheep post slaughter back to England. Even then, we had a civilised manner. A decorum. An empathy for living things. one could of course argue that it was a financial decision, that more meat could be fitted on the ship, post slaughter due to its lesser size.
Whatever the reason, we now, and for a long lng time have morally and ethically decided that all animals deserve humane treatment.
Oh but, you say, we do the same. We too abuse animals. And yes, in some cases, fairly rare cases, given the amount of animals dispatched, we have found some amongst us who behave in such an inappropriate way. Such people are sacked. Or moved away (in a potential cover up - just like Catholics and their peado priests, but now I really am digressing) or in worst cases of cruelty, jailed.

Other races, celebrate such brutality. Such as the hideous, and frankly a crime against humanity, so called Soi Dog Festival.
Others still, claim such horrendous abuse is part of their "religion"

Both parties behave in such a way, that if a more intelligent species did in fact visit us they would clearly assume such people to be un-evolved, primal, a sub species. And they'd be right. Such brutality upon another living, breathing, thinking, sentinent being is indeed the act of a savage and primal race of beings.

So to wrap this up, yes, we are all the same in terms of the basic human function, re: the aforementioned tow eyes, ears etc.

But it is our ability to evolve from the savage we were, to feel compassion, empathy for other species that separates us from the beasts.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

They're not all like that

A common refrain I hear, from, well everybody actually. Those who are afraid. Afraid to face what's in front of them.
The types desperate to hold on to their safe, kum ba ya, lives where everybody's the same. No colours no creeds no opinions.
No differences.
Whilst at the same time demanding I respect whomever's right to behave however they like as long as it's "cultural". No matter how barbaric; no matter how offensive or prejudicial towards decency.

I am digressing though. To get to the point of this piece, to wit, they're not all like that.

Those of you who have spent time here in this little blog, this vestige of truth, know I am an Ulsterman. A proud protestant Ulsterman, descendant of the mighty Celts, the greatest people this world has ever known.
Unfortunately I must share my little diamond in the corner of the British Isles with the infernal catholic, a lazy, hapless breed.
Who over the years has resorted to violence in order to attempt to wrest my little diamond from me.

To no avail though. As yet at least.
With the help of that catholic King James, they first attempted to oust my merry bunch of forebears in 1690, only to be repelled by we and a diminutive Dutch king by the name of William of Orange who happened to be in England fighting said catholic, King James.
Ever since then the catholic has behaved akin to a spoilt child.

Cut to the late 1960s and the second battle began. Lasting about 30 years, during which time around 5000 people have died, for died read murdered. Shot, blown up.

Now, circa late 70s was the time when the terrorism was at it's peak when nary a week passed without someone being shot or blown up. Car bombs attacking police were most common around this time.
At this time the population of Ulster was approximately 2 million; of that perhaps 500,000 were catholic.
They're not all like that.

Indeed not. So let's say, what, 1% of that half million were active IRA members. That's 5000 active "soldiers".
Yeah okay, that sounds about right. Now, to that 5000 add perhaps 3-4 times that amount of passive supporters. Persons who would look the other way; who would provide barns, fields, outhouses in which the terrorists could hide their caches of weapons and/or explosives away from prying eyes.
So now of the half million, we have 20-25000 persons who are active and passive terrorists.
So approximately 5% of all catholics. Okay? 5%.
30 years this 5% perpetuated the violence in Ulster. And beyond in fact. In England and as far as Gibraltar in Spain.
They're not all like that.

Now, apply these figures to the 1.5 BILLION with a "B" muslims in the world, whose barbarity makes the IRA's terrorism look like a fight amongst cub scouts and then say to me , they're not all like that.

And just in case you're not quite there yet, I shall elucidate.

They don't have to be "all like that". Only enough of them to be a problem. And in a world of 1.5 billion of them, a mere 1% is enough, clearly, to create an atmosphere that leaves the world nervous. Aware. Defensive. One need only look at the security that surrounds significant events the world over to argue that the Muslim has already won.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

How Tory MPs failed to declare thousands spent in marginal seats

The title refers to yet another report of Pollies rorting the system...heard it all before so no need to get into the details. The point is:

So they're all the same, right? I mean we all know this, right? So this led me to think about the race for the American Presidency.

And the increasing vitriol that is directed at Donald Trump. Bereft as the opposing politically correct stymies are of any kind of legitimate argument, they resort to ridicule and belittlement. But we'll get to that later...
For now, answer me this:

So exactly how much worse is it you think Trump will do? I mean, COULD it really be any worse than it is? One point of fact, entirely irrefutable, we're all going to continue to get fucked, make no mistake about that. Politicians rort - like mofos. That'll never change, let's not be idiotic about it. The common denominator between all politicians is that they will rort.

But, for example, if we do still continue to get fucked but without any clinging, lazy, uncivilised Towelheads with their insidious and hateful beliefs, sucking up our economy, intent on destroying us yet the country is run in a manner that benefits the people, then would that not be preferable? Or would you Yanks prefer a Europe? Perhaps Trump's point is that the Mexicans are their "Europe". And if indeed, these Mexicans were flooding across the American border in the same numbers as those invading Europe, one would have to admit then that that would be an issue warranting some serious consideration, nay action wouldn't it be fair to say.

Domestic Mexicans aside, though, the bigger problem that faces the Western word is Islam. Quick stat for you: the birth rate here in Sydney, Australia, it's largest city is 1.4% Western, 4.7% Islamic. And those Islamics are clumping in specific areas of Sydney. It's just a numbers game and a matter of time.

I really do think it's time to make a stand - everybody, choose your side and stand up...for there ARE sides, like it or not. And one side is surely standing for theirs. A solidarity; that side's not us though; we are choked with the socialist lefties and their bleeding hearts. Traitors in our midst I think isn't too inflammable a statement to make. People who are determined to thwart our every attempt to manage the situation.

I have to say I'm encouraged by the UK people's response though. It's a good sign. But we are only at the very beginning of a long, long protracted fight. Many more people are going to die before this comes to a conclusion.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


April the 1st, 2011 was the last time I posted here - April Fools Day :/

I wonder does that mean something...or even should it? Or given the meteor I witnessed tonight and my subsequent thoughts on the matter, is it all nothing but sheer serendipity?

Who knows, right? We all have our thoughts on it, obviously. In any event I think until proof can be provided none knows any more than the other.
But here's a take on it:

The meteor as it happens flashed into my sight, and here's some serendipity for you, just as I happened to be looking skyward. It blazed across the night sky, with a tail (considering perspective) thousands of miles long and a head which grew brighter and brighter as it burned up in the atmosphere until it burned out.
The whole thing lasted perhaps a second. And I involuntarily grinned ear to ear at having seen such a sight.

So it got me thinking: from where did this body originate? Was it the detritus of an interstellar collision? Had this piece of rock - of another world perhaps - been travelling from before I was born, you were born, the earth was born? Has it been in perpetual motion for millienia? And was it nothing more than the aforementioned sheer serendipity, happenstance that it came into our solar system, and into our little world before burning up in our atmosphere?

This little rock. Was it older than mankind? Was its year a number too big to compute? Just how long was it sailing through the blackness of space?
Only to disintegrate after all that?

Puts something of a perspective on life, I thought. We really are...nothing in the big scheme of things. Insignificant, trivial, to all but ourselves.

Which leads me to the meaning of life...the point of it all. (Tip: it has nothing at all to do with any type of god, per se).


Friday, April 01, 2011

I've been trying to think of something to write here in this blogger-type thing but like a wise man once said, "there's nothing new under the sun".
Which is to say, society faces the same issues and problems it always has, and pretty much all those issues can already be found in this blog, or discussions thereof to be more exact.
So, it occurred to me, what better way to reintroduce myself to it than to showcase my latest purchase.

A mighty Yamaha R1. Not just any R1 though; this is a replica of (the also mighty) Valentino Rossi's World Championship-winning Yamaha M1, specifically the 2009 model.
Fate brought us together it seems. It was either buy a motorbike or pay off one of my credit cards.
So to ebay I went, and almost immediately happened across this jewel. I have always wanted an R1, ever since their introduction in 1998, but never imagined ever owning one as they were always outside my affordability.
Fortunately for yours truly, the fellow selling this one didn't realise exactly what he had and let it go for significantly less than it was worth.
In any event, it's now all mine.

All hail the Mighty R1.